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Neil Holland


Neil is a solicitor working in the Compensation department specialising in catastrophic cases caused through clinical negligence or personal injury.


Complex clinical injury cases assisting individuals and families obtain long term support and security through the award of damages. Neil provides lifetime care with his work in the capacity of Trustee and Deputy.


  • Catastrophic damages awards for seriously injured individuals exceeding £6 million.
  • Long term assistance for individuals and families through Court of Protection, Trustee and Deputyship advice.
  • Works closely with brain related charities and other catastrophic injury charities to help families understand what it means to suffer a serious injury.
  • Provides long term care guidance to enhance the quality of an individual’s life through the management of damages.
  • Provides advice and guidance to other solicitors on Deputyships and Trusts for catastrophic injury clients.


  • LLB.
  • LLM postgraduate thesis, professional negligence

Successful Cases

  • £6,200.000 for a girl with cerebral palsy
  • £4,500.000 for a girl with a brain injury following a delayed diagnosis of meningitis
  • £1,200.000 for a girl with a spinal cord injury and subsequent amputation
  • £870,000 for a lady with drug induced ototoxicity
  • £425,000 for a man suffering a brain injury following a delayed diagnosis of subarachnoid haemorrhage
  • £250,000 for a lady who suffered brain damage following a failure to treat hyponatremia
  • £150,000 for a man who sustained nerve damage following a failure to diagnose a tumour
  • £110,000 for the widow of a man who died following a failure to detect a heart condition

Neil and the firm continue to act for many of the above named clients as either a Court appointed trustee or deputy.