Road Traffic Accident whilst driving a fork lift truck on the road

Our client was involved in a Road Traffic Accident whilst driving a fork lift truck on the road. Our client was approaching a roundabout when the defendant decided to overtake them in their HGV. At the same time a vehicle exited the roundabout causing the defendant to swerve back into the left lane too soon, causing them to hit the front of our client’s vehicle with the back of theirs.


The impact was so violent that it caused our client’s fork lift to be thrown into the air and land on top of a lamp post. Our client suffered severe injuries and was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary for treatment.


He was diagnosed with severe damage to the spine affecting L1 and L4 and required surgery to insert rods; he had also suffered further fractured vertebra and 2 contorted vertebra.


Liability was conceded by the defendant. The injuries sustained by our client were likely to impact his employment as a farm Manager in later life.


Our client was provided with rehabilitation under the Rehab Code to help him back to a relatively normal life.


Our client received a six-figure compensation settlement which will help him in the years to come.


“I can’t thank Mark enough at SJP Law, he has been spot on in helping to explain and answer any questions I had as the case progressed. He always kept me updated very quickly, responding in the same day. I am 100% satisfied, he was really thorough, made everything clear and easy to understand.


I will thoroughly recommend Mark to anyone if they need legal help with a Personal Injury case.”

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