Road traffic accident involving cyclist and an articulated lorry

“I would recommend Simon Burgess to anyone who needs help following a serious accident, he has a clear expertise in the field. During the legal proceedings he provided timely and sensible advice to us and was able to predict the defendants response to the claim against them. I would thoroughly recommend Simon Burgess and the team at SJP Law, they have been instrumental in helping me fight my way back from an horrific accident.”

In 2017 a cyclist was riding home through Hull city centre when he was knocked off his bicycle by an articulated lorry travelling in the same direction but decided to turn left without indication. This resulted in the cyclist being dragged under the articulated lorry and sustaining extensive polytrauma and multiple fractures quite literally from head to toe.

Our client has no clear memory of the accident or events for approximately 6 weeks after the accident happened. He was a keen triathlete and was a member of two well known local clubs and cycled to work every day.

The accident happened at the end of November in 2017 and our client had to undergo extensive rehabilitation before he was discharged in March 2018. We were able to, with the co-operation of the Defendant, continue his rehabilitation funded by the Defendant.

This continuation of rehabilitation along with his determination to return to cycling and running enabled our client to make a miraculous partial return to work within about 6 months of his accident. He returned to cycling and running within a year of the accident.

The Defendant tried to raise an argument regarding contributory negligence but this had little mileage and we were able to negotiate a pragmatic settlement with our opponent before court proceedings were issued.

“This case highlights the importance of rehabilitation funded under the Rehabilitation Code, considering that liability had not been agreed by the defendant at this point.”

“In cases where liability may be in issue we can request that the Defendant fund rehabilitation outside the litigation process as it benefits both the client and the defendant if they can get the client on their feet quicker. This can be invaluable help and support as many clients once discharged from hospital struggle to access appropriate physio, occupational therapy and other clinical support.” Commented Simon Burgess.

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