Recovering from a catastrophic injury

A successful engineer was severely injured and in a coma for three months, having been knocked down by a hit-and-run driver in Hull. He was discharged from hospital with no after-care references and sought legal advice. With a family to support and having lost his job and no prospect of working again he was running into severe financial problems when Stamp Jackson & Procter started to get him back on track.

The engineer had effectively lost his career and needed help to rebuild his life. "It becomes a shared experience. You have to work closely in going through all the procedures but when, as it was in my case, you have an understanding person to deal with, there are so many other problems you can discuss and get support on. Our solicitor, and everybody in the firm, were so helpful in answering our questions and making sure we knew exactly what was going on. We trust them and tend to leave everything to them, but they take extra care to ensure we are always fully informed."

Make a Claim

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