Misdiagnosis of a subarachnoid haemorrhage


It was back on the 26th February 2005 that I suddenly had a massive crushing headache with severe dizziness.violent vomiting, disturbed vision and stiff neck. I did not know what was wrong, so I called the NHS helpline and they diagnosed a migraine and recommended that I take some paracetamol. The following day I felt very sleepy and had a tingling sensation running up my spine and I went to the hospital, where again I was told to take more pain killers. The symptoms carried on and I went to see my GP. I was admitted to hospital as an emergency when I became very uncoordinated.

I was given a CT scan and they found that I had suffered two ruptured aneurysms which had caused severe pressure on my brain during the 5 days of not being correctly diagnosed. I was taken into intensive care straight away and placed into an induced coma. The neurosurgeons placed a valve in my head to relieve the pressure on my brain and then slowly allowed me out of the coma.

Whilst I was in hospital recovering I contracted septicemia and MRSA which due to my ill health and recovery from brain surgery was very serious. In early June I had a coil fitted into the damaged artery in my brain to seal it off. I ended up staying in hospital until early July and was then transferred to Castle Hill for a month before being placed into a nursing home for a further month before being allowed home on the 12th August.

In September 2005 I began to suffer seizures due to scar tissue forming in my brain. My life had changed dramatically due to the initial incorrect and delayed diagnosis and it was my parents who went in search of a solicitor to seek legal help and found Stamp, Jackson & Procter. I met with Neil Holland in late 2005 / early 2006 and having listened to my story of events, he decided to take my case on.

We discussed funding options to cover expenses and found that my household insurance policy covered some legal expenses. Neil organised for leading neurological specialists to evaluate me which meant travelling to Sheffield, Newcastle andManchester.I also had mental capacity tests in York. The opposing legal team had me visit their professionals and carry out similar tests which they tried to use to prove that there was nothing wrong with me and that I would make a full recovery. Neil presented our evidence to the hospital’s legal team and negotiations took place right up to the week before the case went to court in 2010 they offered a settlement agreement which I accepted to help provide for my future care.

After the award was agreed I met with Neil to discuss the best investment options for the sum of money I had been awarded. Neil introduced me to the Wealth Management team at Stamp, Jackson & Procter LLP I spoke with a Trust specialist and we formed 2 Trusts to help secure my future care. By setting up these Trusts it has provided me with peace of mind and security for the future.

I would thoroughly recommend the legal services of Stamp, Jackson & Procter LLP to anyone in a situation like mine. Neil worked incredibly hard to get the right outcome for me and is still helping me today by acting as a Trustee for my award.

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