It's not always too late to get compensation

Proving that it is not always too late to bring a claim, the family of a young woman with severe cerebral palsy decided to question the circumstances of her birth 16 years earlier. Medical Accident Claimline lawyers at Stamp Jackson & Procter proved that her cerebral palsy was caused by oxygen starvation at birth, and went on to win life-changing compensation over 20 years after the birth.

After long discussions with the NHS trust concerned and shortly after Court proceedings were commenced, the hospital accepted that they were at fault for her injuries. The hospital chief executive sent a letter of apology to the family concerned and accepted her legal claim. The struggle did not end there.

At the age of 18 she had moved out of the family home, which was no longer suitable for her, to a residential care home. The family asked us to try and move her to a specially adapted home, with her family, this resulted in the matter being brought before a Judge. The family requested interim payments of just over £1m to fund the move and the defendant objected. However, the family were successful and the Judge ordered the payment.

To continue to put things right we instructed a disability architects to source a suitable property. Plans were then put together with the family on how the house should be adapted and extended to allow for all of their needs to be catered for. The house was purchased from the interim payment ordered by the Court and work began before the case was concluded.

Over 4 years after the case began a meeting was held between the two legal teams and without needing a trial, the case was settled for an overall sum of around £6.2m. This included annual sums of £160,000 a year to pay for the Claimant’s team of carers. The settlement is believed to be one of the highest, if not the highest, achieved, in this region.

Medical Accident Claimline lawyers at Stamp Jackson and Procter continue to look after the family’s needs by administering the damages awarded, acting as trustees, assisting with advice on investments and providing employment advice and professional support to the family and team of carers.

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