Incorrect diagnosis of a bleed on the brain, leads to claim against a hospital Trust

Our claimant was washing his car when he began to feel unwell. He experienced dizziness, pins and needles and weakness in his right arm.

He was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary where a CT scan was performed following initial triage. The CT scan was reviewed and it was recorded that the Claimant had had a stroke and was a suitable candidate for thrombolysis treatment.

Soon after the medication commenced the claimants condition deteriorated rapidly and a second review of the CT scan revealed a bleed in the brain stem, rather than a clot as originally diagnosed. The thrombolysis treatment was stopped.

As a result of the error in treatment the claimant’s condition did not improve and he passed away.

The claimant’s estate made a claim against the hospital trust for loss of financial service and loss of financial dependency because the claimant’s wife had several health concerns and relied upon the care provided by her husband.

The case did not progress to court as the parties were able to negotiate a substantial settlement sum.

“Clarissa has been excellent in the whole legal process of helping our family through a very difficult period. She has been very accommodating, visiting us at our house and keeping us up-to-date on the issues as the arose, her communication with us has been outstanding.

Clarissa has been very friendly and took the time to explain every detail in easy to understand language.

We would thoroughly recommend Clarissa to anyone in a similar situation."

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