Inadequate hospital procedure leads to brain damage

Having recovered from a coma and total body paralysis following a Hospital Trust’s admitted negligence, Stamp Jackson & Procter were successful in claiming damages to assist a local Hull lady who faced a future of memory and mobility problems cumulating in an inability to work and a very restricted lifestyle.

Our Client was admitted to Hospital in October 2004 with hyponatraemia (low serum sodium). The Hospital in question mistreated our Client’s symptoms by attempting to increase the serum sodium levels too fast taking our Client into a coma. Our Client survived a gloomy prognosis however was initially left totally paralysed. Over a period of months she recovered sufficiently and walked out of hospital in June 2005. She was left with memory problems and instability. The Hospital in question performed an internal investigation into the treatment our Client received which resulted in a Serious Untoward Incident Report being prepared. The Hospital shortly afterwards admitted responsibility for the breach of duty and negligence caused to our Client.

However, due to her previous history the Hospital’s representatives spent considerable time defending the value of this claim and attempted to reduce the level of damages that should have been awarded to our Client.

Through Stamp Jackson & Procter’s management of the claim and the expertise of our medical professionals over the course of 5 years, we were finally able to settle the claim out of court for an award that would provide our Client with a better quality of life. She will no longer have to worry about her inability to work and will be able to concentrate on her future for example by having physiotherapy to attempt to increase her mobility and engaging with case management services to assist her around her home and assisting her outside of the home with tasks such as grocery shopping and attending the local leisure centre.

The main benefit that this settlement will have for our Client is that she will be able to employ someone to perform some of the routine tasks (such as washing, ironing and cleaning) that she is unable to do which she previously was so heavily reliant upon her elderly parents and children to do for her. As a result, she will now be able to spend the quality time with her family that she missed due to the time being taken up in the domestic chores.

An additional benefit for our Client is that she is now able to purchase a more suitable property in order for her to be able to move around the home easier due to her mobility problems and enjoy a garden which she has missed since the incident occurred.

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