I suffer with arthritis and went to hospital for a routine cortisone injection

Mr R. Cleveland

I suffer with arthritis and went to hospital for a routine cortisone injection. Whilst there the consultant noticed that the side of my knee was swollen. Rather than proceed with the cortisone injection, the consultant decided to inject the muscle to help reduce the swelling. I returned to the hospital two days later to have the cortisone injection.

After a few days, I went to get out of bed and when I tried to put my weight on my right leg it completely gave way, leaving me immobile. The injection had affected the artery leaving me with blue-toed syndrome. I have lost the use of my right leg and now have to go into hospital every six months to have anti-coagulation therapy.

Life was quite difficult with the arthritis but I still had my freedom and was able to do the things I enjoyed such as decorating, gardening and getting out and about using my car. Since I’ve lost the use of my right leg I am unable to do any of these things. I now have to rely on a wheelchair, an especially adapted stair-lift and my car has had to be adapted. The activities I enjoyed like decorating and gardening, other people now do for me. It has impacted on all areas of my life and I am reliant on my daughter being my full-time carer.

It was my wife and daughter that persuaded me to make a claim. I was not going to but they pointed out that it could happen to someone else. SJP Law was recommended to us and I was very pleased with their approach.

Shaun was friendly, helpful and professional and kept me informed of all the proceedings every step of the way. In fact Shaun felt like a part of the family by the time the case was settled. I never had to chase, Shaun always kept us up-to-date and he dealt with all of the correspondence and took care of the travel arrangements so that I got to see the necessary experts. I would definitely recommend SJP Law, I already have to a couple of friends.

Eventually after three years the hospital settled and compensated me for the negligent treatment in relation to my knee. I have had to come to terms with a whole new lifestyle due to my injury and the money has come in useful to accommodate and adapt to some of the changes I have had to make.

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