Helping a family re-build their lives

Our client was involved in a road traffic accident and sustained very serious head injuries. She was in a coma for several weeks after the accident and was then transferred to a head injury rehabilitation unit for twelve months. She remains mentally and physically disabled

Our client had a child who was only weeks old at the time of the accident. Stamp Jackson & Procter secured interim payments to fund a nursery placement.

Stamp Jackson & Procter secured interim payments to set up a care regime for this lady, involving both professional carers and family members.

The client required adapted accommodation and a bungalow was built for her and her family, adapted to her needs. This was again funded through interim payments.

Stamp Jackson & Procter arranged for a team of high level medical, accommodation, financial and other experts to advise on our client's needs. Their evidence helped us present a compelling case to the Defendant to enable us to secure maximum compensation for our client, giving her finances for the rest of her life.

Given our client's continuing disabilities, she is a protected party under the Court of Protection and court approval of the settlement was required.

Stamp Jackson & Procter continue to look after the client's needs by administering the damages awarded, acting as trustees, assisting with advice on investments and providing professional support to the family.

The professional care regime remains in place and the damages will allow our client to receive professional support for the rest of her life.

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