Brain Injury at Birth

In 2014, our expert team were able to assist a client and their family in getting millions of pounds in compensation, after the client suffered a brain injury at birth caused by clinical negligence. 

The Case

Our client suffered a serious brain injury (moderately severe quadriplegic dyskinetic cerebral palsy) at the time of his birth in 1999. 

The family felt this had been caused by serious negligence and mismanagement on the part of the hospital during the client’s birth. They came to SJP Law looking for support in getting the compensation needed to provide him with the high quality, lifelong care he needed.

Their case was clear. The hospital had failed to involve a senior obstetrician during the birth, even when the client’s heart rate had dropped abnormally low. In addition, key pieces of medical equipment hadn’t been maintained properly, meaning that the client’s heart rate wasn’t monitored properly for over half an hour. They had also failed to take into account a number of risk factors, both to the mother, and to the baby.

The Client

The severity and permanent nature of our client’s condition means that he will require constant care for the rest of his life. 

He suffers from learning difficulties, communication and behavioural problems, along with impaired mobility and low dexterity. This means that he needs support with a wide number of everyday tasks, including washing, dressing and eating. 

Because of his injuries, he will never be able to live independently, get a job, or manage his own finances and affairs.

The Settlement

After bringing action against the defending hospital trust, they admitted liability in the case, and we were able to agree an Out of Court Settlement.  

Our client received a lump sum of £2,850,000. In addition, he will also receive yearly payments of £73,750 until he reaches the age of 18. These will then rise to £150,000 per year until the client reaches 65, then rise again to £185,000 for the remainder of the client’s life.

The money received by the family will enable them to provide the right level of professional care for our client now, and in the future. 

He will now be able to live in private accommodation, with constant support from a professional team who will look after him, and manage his fund properly, so that it continues to provide for his needs.

Ultimately, it’s enabled our client and his family members to benefit from the best quality of life possible.

How SJP Law Can Help You

If you or a member of your family has suffered any kind of serious injury caused by medical negligence, then you need the help of a trustworthy, experienced and specialist solicitor to ensure that you get the compensation you need.

With extensive experience, an excellent track record and a strong determination to get the best results for our clients, you can appoint SJP Law in the confidence that your medical negligence case is in safe hands.

We only take on serious cases, where we believe it is in your best interests to go forward, where we are confident that we will win, and where we feel that you will receive a worthwhile amount of compensation. 

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