Abdominal pains

Mr C, Tyne and Wear

I was admitted to Tyneside Hospital with abdominal pains however discharged the same day after being told the pain was due to constipation. One week later and I was admitted to hospital again, this time with a perforated appendix which had caused a serious infection. The hospital had failed to correctly diagnose appendicitis when I had been initially admitted.

During the ten days I was in hospital I had to have two operations and the subsequent care I received was so below what was expected it left me with mental scars.

The whole ordeal has had a huge impact on all areas of my life. Before the operation I was a fit, healthy young man with a strong marriage and a solid career in the prison service, promising a bright future. After the operation I was left unable to work because I could not pass the prison service medical due to the stomach pains I suffer and the depression. I lost all my confidence and due to the stress of my circumstances my marriage finally broke down. I can not bear to go near a hospital and still have to take medication.

It was a year after the operation that a friend suggested I contact a medical negligence firm to see if I had a case. I contacted a number of companies in the yellow pages however the majority did not want to take the case on, I then contacted SJP Law. They were willing to listen to my circumstances and agreed to take on my case on a no win, no fee basis.

SJP Law were fantastic, Shaun and the rest of the team were incredibly supportive and by the time I was awarded the settlement they felt like family. You tell them your personal circumstances and they really listen to you when you are finding it hard to cope and try to understand what you are going through. They guided me step by step through the whole process, they were very friendly yet professional and I felt I could trust them completely.

I recommend SJP Law to anyone that I feel will benefit from their services. In fact I recommended them to a friend of mine and they have successfully settled a claim for her too.

Thanks to SJP Law my case was won and I was awarded a substantial settlement. I am now getting my life back on track and with the support of friends I am looking to a more positive future.

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