Injury during childbirth and Cerebral Palsy

Birth is one of the most dangerous times in a person's life - it is the point where someone is most likely to suffer a serious injury, which is why it is so vital that medical professionals make the right decisions.

When complications occur, failure to take decisive action can have life-changing implications, and a couple of minutes either way can make a huge difference.

Failing to act quickly can cause asphyxiation or lack of oxygen to the brain, with the potential to cause cerebral palsy, or lifelong brain damage, affecting a child for the rest of their life.

At Medical Accident Claimline, we are here to help you get the compensation you need to provide the right, high quality, lifelong care and support your child requires, to ensure that they can enjoy the best possible quality of life.

We have links with the best private rehabilitation providers and therapists to ensure your child's recovery reaches it's potential. We also have strong relationships with other advice agencies to enable you and your family to receive support and assistance with other legal and financial issues such as benefits, housing, family and employment issues. As part of the claim process, we regularly undertake complex housing projects to ensure your child, their carers and you can live in a suitable and settled environment.

We have produced a special section called ‘A Lifetime of Care - Assistance routes for Cerebral Palsy’ which provides further information and resource links for families with children coping with Cerebral Palsy.

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