My office was in the local court building and as I was going down the stairs I slipped on some water and fell

At the time of my accident I was working as a Social Worker. My office was in the local court building and as I was going down the stairs I slipped on some water and fell. The stairs had recently been cleaned making them hazardous but there wasn’t a sign warning people. A security guard witnessed the accident and came to my aid but was unable to catch me in time. I sustained an injury to my right wrist and leg.

At first my injuries didn’t appear too serious. I suffered a lot of bruising but was told I hadn’t fractured any bones. Over the following weeks my leg healed, however I noticed that the pain in my wrist was becoming more severe and persistent. I found that simple everyday tasks such as driving, typing, cleaning and caring for myself became more difficult. Thankfully I had the support of my husband who was able to help me.

I spoke with my Doctor and I tried a course of Physiotherapy but that didn’t appear to help as the pain became more intense. Eventually I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Although encouraged by my family and Doctor, I was reluctant to seek legal advice at first. However as I became to realise that the pain was not going to go away and would leave me with a permanent disability, I decided to contact Stamp, Jackson and Proctor, having heard their advertisement on the radio.

I called and explained my circumstances and they were willing to take on my case. I found Shaun and the team at Stamp, Jackson and Procter were very approachable and supportive. They kept in regular contact and informed me of all proceedings. I was very pleased when liability was admitted and the case was settled.

The fall I had was life-changing both for me and my family. I did return to work after the fall but due to the pain I had to reduce my hours which meant a reduction in my salary. Now, thanks to the settlement as well as the disability allowance I receive, I am able to stop working without the financial worries.

I would definitely recommend Stamp, Jackson and Procter to anyone who finds themselves in similar circumstances, their service is very good.

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