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Annemarie Buckley


Annemarie qualified as a Costs Lawyer in 2010 and has seventeen years’ experience in dealing with complex cases with multiple costs issues.


Annemarie qualified as a Costs Lawyer in 2010 and has seventeen years’ experience in dealing with complex cases with multiple costs issues.She has strong management and communicative skills as well as expansive knowledge of Costs Law with extensive practice in the areas of personal injury, clinical negligence and civil liberties.

Her proven track record of managing staff internally and externally to achieve significant results has shown her to be an excellent leader with a positive attitude to her colleagues. This has provided her colleagues with a constant learning experience working with a stronghold of information and practical ability.

Not only has Annemarie worked within law firms, she has also successfully run her own costs firm single handed as a result of her global understanding of the subject matter.

Annemarie’s excellent numerical and negotiating skills with a history of high level of recovery is evidenced by her skill and performance during joint settlement meetings (some of 40+ cases) which she attended on a regular basis. Furthermore she has played an active role in securing a payment on account of costs on all cases where liability has been admitted.

Due to the wide range of claims which Annemarie regularly assist solicitors with, she is well versed in the subjects of costs budgets and costs management which is instrumental in effective costs recovery.

Annemarie has a specialist interest in the expanding field of solicitor own client costs.

Recent cases

  • Instrumental in the costs assistance in the round table meeting of a recent high profile class action and the recovery of costs post settlement.
  • In her previous role, regularly managing high volumes of fast track personal injury costs settlements and regular round table meetings at which 40 plus costs cases a day would be discussed.
  • Regular input and direction with solicitors on maximum recovery of profit costs in inquest cases as well as securing payments on account.
  • Effective and frequent recovery of six figure sums in high value clinical negligence claims which have included, sepsis, failure to diagnose a punctured bowel, failure to diagnose meningitis resulting in death.

Recent Courses attended

  • Intermediate Excel training.
  • Attended the Association of Costs Lawyers Annual Costs Conference for the previous 11 years. Speakers at the conference over the years include SCCO Masters, Regional Costs Judges, experienced costs Counsel and practitioners.
  • Attended the Association of Costs Lawyers Billing & the Electronic Bill Formats Seminar.
  • Kerry Underwood – Fixed Costs


  • Association of Costs Lawyers - Costs Lawyer